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Operation Cleanout was featured in a recent Claudia Jacobs Designs Blog. For the piece, Claudia sat down with Marty McDermott to explore a bit more about what is involved with the process of “Letting Go of Your Stuff.” She explores the sentimental attachments that we form with our belongings, modern minimalistic home décor trends (that leave little room for clutter), the fears and emotions involved, and more. You don’t want to miss Marty’s list of what’s hot (and what’s a flop) when making your keep, donate, sell, and trash piles! Follow these tidying and organizing guidelines and you may just discover a surprise you can take to the bank.

Letting Go of Your Stuff

Selling Your Home? Call Us First!

Are you planning to relocate, looking at the accumulation of years of household content, and feeling it sap your soul? Operation Cleanout can assist you. Many of our clients who were planning to sell their homes mentioned the possibility of staying in a home that no longer met their needs simply to avoid the dreaded task of downsizing. We make the process simple. Learn more about how our service works and how we can empty your house in just one day with no stress. No Hassles.

Operation Cleanout Can Help You Move Out

Get the Clutter Out

We all know that clutter is negatively related to our sense of psychological well-being, and, in some cases, our physical health. As professional organizers, we frequently see the stress, underlying emotional baggage and issues, and effects that clutter and accumulated “stuff” have on our clients. When you’re not sure if it’s trash or treasure, but you know it needs out of your living space yesterday, call Operation Cleanout in East Warwick, NY.

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