About Operation Cleanout

What Does Marty Actually Do for a Living?

Great Question!

Yes, Marty owns multiple businesses in the Hudson Valley region such as Retro Modern Antiques – a 12,000 square foot uncurated retail store selling amazing vintage merchandise, one of a kind items, furniture, décor, and art; Style to Sell – a home staging and styling service that beautifully gets homes looking their best so they can be positioned in front of the best buyers ready to buy (many times over asking); and Operation Clean Out – a full service clean out company that goes above and beyond to help clients get their homes ready so they can downsize, move, and sell. But that is not actually what Marty does for a living. So, what does he actually do? Marty ultimately solves a problem. His clients come to him with a unique situation every time and Marty finds a path through the chaos of life and leads his clients to the other side of their specific situation. Every home, every homeowner, every family has a special dynamic, brings unique challenges, and fun surprises and Marty is able to intuitively find the full story, understand it, and work within it to get the job done. With laser focus and attention to detail, Marty can help you find your path to your next stage in life. He has truly seen it all, done it all, and can handle it all. So, no matter your unique situation, you can trust that in Marty’s capable hands, the work gets done.

Our Mission:

We are happy to work with you and navigate through the process of emptying a complete home.  Our Project Management Team will work with you to develop a plan to make this seemingly daunting and overwhelming project seem simple and stress free.

Operation Clean Out is Hudson Valley NYs Premier Full Service Clean Out Company

Operation Clean Out is a unique full service clean out company. We truly love what we do, which is simply helping people with a problem. Marty and his team are problem solvers and use innovative ways to help homeowners find their way through the overwhelming process of cleaning out their homes and estates. We fully understand the emotional toll this can take on many homeowners and family members. We work with you, provide you homework if needed, and set up a completely customized plan with you and your goals in mind. Those that have worked with Marty on clean out projects often refer to him as a therapist or dear friend who is wonderful at guiding you through the process as pain free as possible. With clear direction and solutions in mind, Marty gets the job done quickly and efficiently so you can move on with life. So, whether you have a few rooms of clutter, a lifetime of stuff, or generations of accumulation, Marty and his team with be with you every step of the way.

The Benefits of a Clean Out Far Outweigh Anything you are Fearing!

A cleaned out, clutter free home will place your home on the real estate market in front of the best buyers looking to offer you the best price to get the home they want. New buyers are looking for a clean slate so they can envision their life in the space. By clearing the way for new buyers to truly see your home and all it has to offer, you can expect higher offers, at times over asking, and sometimes bidding wars. If you have a hoarding situation or are simply surrounded by too much stuff, a streamlined home will help you feel better, live better, and have more usable space. It is hard to place more value on anything more than quality of life. So, whatever the reason you need your home, estate, or property cleaned out, contact Marty to get started.