Need to Get Rid of a House Full of Stuff?

Hassle Free Estate Cleanouts & Liquidation

Are you overwhelmed with a house full of stuff? Is the stress of emptying an estate more than you are able to handle during this difficult time? Let us help! We will come in and take care of it for you.


Out of State Estate Cleaning

Emptying a loved one’s estate can be emotional and time consuming.  When multiple family members are involved, it is often easier to hire and enlist the help of a neutral third party to get the job done.  Out-of-state family members use our service to empty and liquidate an estate.

We empty estates and have industry resources and best practices that make a monumental project look easy. We freely admit that every estate has challenges and we go with the flow and have to tweak our plan as we go based on the needs of the clients.

What is the Cost of Emptying an Estate?

The three typical scenarios for the Estate broom clean service:

1 We get paid to empty the estate. In this case, the cost incurred to empty the estate is greater than the value of the contents – therefore, you pay a fee for the removal of all household items.

2 We trade the labor for the contents. The value of items are equal to what it costs to empty the property. In this case, the removal fee is equal to the value of the contents. We will empty the estate and consider the contents payment for services rendered.

3 We pay for the contents. In this case, the value of the contents exceeds the cost of the cleanout.

When the time for the Estate Cleanout is NOW, contact us right away. In most cases, we can start immediately.