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If you have ever been in a situation where you have too much stuff and need to downsize, you know how challenging it can be. You may not even know where to start! That’s why Operation Clean Out has come to your rescue with our house clean out services in Putnam County. Our team of experienced professionals will come into your Carmel, Kent, Patterson, Philipstown, or Putnam Valley home and help you sort through all of your belongings, taking the burden off of your hands and ensuring that what stays is organized and efficient. Whether you are downsizing, relocating, selling, or simply need your home cleaned out, we have specialized services to meet your every need. Don’t wait, contact Marty today to get started with your free, no obligation consultation! Learn more about our services below:

Professional Clean Out and Clutter Removal

When you want a fresh start, allow our professional clean out team to help get rid of the clutter! Have you or your spouse received an exciting job offer in a different city or state? Are you moving due to a divorce or the loss of a loved one? Are you planning to downsize but you are not sure where to start, Operation Clean Out is here to help! Whether you have a few rooms of clutter or a home full of items in Carmel, Kent, Patterson, Philipstown, or Putnam Valley, we can truly handle it all from beginning to end. From donating items, selling valuables, moving things to storage, shipping items to family members and more, Marty and his team will work with you to find the perfect solution to your Putnam County clean out project. To learn more, call Marty for a free, no obligation consultation to review your specific situation. We look forward to helping you.

Getting a Home Ready to Sell?

One of the most important aspects of selling a property is ensuring that the house is cleaned up and looking good for prospective buyers. And removing all of the previous tenant’s property from the home prior to putting it up for sale makes a significant difference. Whether you are a real estate agent or homeowner that is attempting to make a sale in Carmel, Kent, Patterson, Philipstown, or Putnam Valley, you know that getting rid of all that stuff can be a hefty job. Marty and his team at Operation Clean Out have years of experience getting clients cleaned out on time and within budget, and his compassionate yet no nonsense approach to getting the job done has set him apart and put his number in the favorites of Hudson Valley Realtors. From working with the seller to devising a plan of action to get their home looking fabulous, Marty is your go to for clean out services in Putnam County and surrounding areas.

Trust The Experts

Not only can they clean out your home and property, Marty and his team offer a wide range of services through partnerships with trusted businesses. From power washing the exterior, landscaping and yard maintenance, junk removal, donating items, assistance in selling valuables and antiques, preparing items to go to family members, light remodeling, home styling and staging, and more, Marty and his team go above and beyond to help their Putnam County clients. Whatever the reason for your whole house clean out, you can always count on our friendly, professional team to lighten your load with fast turnarounds, careful handling, and of course, fair pricing. Following cleanup, our signature broom clean service leaves you with peace of mind. We can begin immediately in most cases. Contact Operation Clean Out to see how we can help in Carmel, Kent, Patterson, Philipstown, or Putnam Valley and we will take care of the rest.